Sunday, November 18, 2007


Jennifer Jason Leigh is one of the best actresses in film. She throws herself into roles with the feel of a female DeNiro. While no one can doubt her acting chops, you can question her choices in roles. We get it... you like dark characters that usually chain smoke and have an alcohol problem. I think that is a problem with a lot of actors... sometimes the roles just seem to the same thing over and over again. Pacino has practically turned into autopilot with roles in drek like Two for the Money.

Leigh's performance in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle will always be the bar for which her acting will be measured by. With that film you get a full developed character with chilling results. You feel the pain of her failure with men. In Georgia, Jennifer Jason Leigh(Sadie) plays the much less famous sister of a folk singer played by Mare Winningham(Georgia). Sadie's life has consisted of a constant string of failures as a solo artist and in several bands. Drugs and alcohol seem to hold her back each time she takes a step forward.

At one point in the film she meets Axel played by her Rush costar Max Perlich. Axel sees what Sadie can be and can't help fall for her. Like so many people he then finds himself watching the person he cares for come back down to rock bottom. Sadie loves her sister and yet resents her for hitting it big time without any ambition. There's a Buffalo Bill sighting with Ted Levine playing Georgia's loving husband. He sees that Sadie needs help and loves her despite her many mistakes.

Ultimately you have to be able to say whether this film has anything new to say about anything involved. Musically the film seems kind of slapped together in a rush. Despite the appearance of John Doe (X), you never really get going with the music. I think if the filmmakers could have integrated more of that into the storyline and explain what it meant to the sisters that you could have more understanding of the relationship. It all looks good on paper, but it just doesn't add up.

Leigh probably chose this film because of her mother writing the screenplay. It is too bad that it is just all been done before. Picture this as a tv movie with great casting.


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