Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Staircase

Originally a tv movie, The Staircase boasts two very talented leads(Barbara Hershey and William Peterson) stuck in a movie cliche hell. Hershey plays the head nun at a Catholic outpost in New Mexico. She is trying to build a grand church to carry on her legacy after she passes away. The only problem is that death is catching up and the idiot architect forgot to put in a staircase. Ah there you go... a plot... sort of.

The story is set at some point during the 1800's since there is some side story with Geronimo thrown in to pad the film's time. I mean you can't have a tv movie without being able to fill up two hours including the commercials. Peterson plays Joad the carpenter who shows up out of the desert and wants to help. Hmmmmm such subtle symbolism... I must tell you at this point the word "staircase" has been used 4927490702347209 times. It reminds me of when you would read a paper aloud to check to see how it sounds before you turn it in....(back in college) then you notice you've used the same phrases over and over and over and over again. Maybe someone should have read this script out loud before they filmed it.

But I digress... The film is clearly done with the best intentions. The characters are one dimensional and you never really understand what makes this nun so great anyway. There are hints at a romance between the two leads and I found it kind of disturbing... much like when the delicious Natascha McElhone played the uber-hot nun in Revelations. You find out after the film that the story of The Staircase is based on true events. And you get to see photographs of it... wow. Too bad that was the most exciting moment in this movie.


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JohnnyNewhope said...

So, I swear to God that I remember an epdisode of Unsolved Mysteries about this same story. Am I going nucking futs?