Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We shall keep this short. Superbad tells the tale of two high school "dorks" who are enlisted with providing alcohol to the graduation party of a cute gal (Emma Stone who is suspiciously a lot like Lindsay Lohan) one of them likes. Seth (Jonah Hill)tells the gal that thanks to their fake id it shouldn't be a problem. Oh but wait it is... the fellow with the ID is McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)... or at least that is what the ID says. Evan (Michael Cera) is just going along with Seth because he thinks he can perhaps hook up with his dream girl Becca.

That's it for the plot. Just sit back and enjoy a sporadicly hilarious film with excellent supporting turns from the entire Apatow (who produced)gang. The film divides into two stories. One with Seth and Evan and the other is the best with Bill Hader and Seth Rogen(who coscripted) as the slapstick cops who befriend McLovin. The cockblock scene between the trio is just one of many highlights.

The laughs are spread out and a bit to the raunchy side, but nothing too bad. Jonah Hill is the glue that keeps the story together and that is evidenced by some funny outtakes included on the DVD. The chemistry the cast all have together makes it a pleasant two hour journey to secure beer and perhaps women.


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