Sunday, February 3, 2008


Troy Duffy was an "overnight" success after he met Harvey Weinstein. Harvery liked his screenplay pitch at the bar so much he signed him. Troy would never make his movie at Miramax because he let it all go to his head and became an asshole. Troy would later snap up financing to make The Boondock Saints, but the damage had been done. The collegues that he alienated had recorded it to be shown as this documentary.

Troy Duffy is an asshole and no one has worked with hims since TBS. We get that... but the filmmakers think we should care about it more coz they got screwed out of profits. The real loser is Duffy - who didn't sign a contract that gave him residuals from rentals or sales from the dvd, which is where TBS made as shit ton of money. Couldn't happen to a nicer moron.

This documentary is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on a jerk filmmaker that was an asshole to the makers of the movie. A waste of time for everyone including me. Can I sue to get that 85 minutes back?


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