Friday, February 22, 2008

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I've put off watching this film for some reason. I didn't have the greatest expectations for it despite it featuring John C. Reilly as second fiddle to Will Ferrell. Anyway...Ferrell is Ricky Bobby - a Nascar driver who believes that winning is the only thing that matters. He has a tendency to wreck his car trying and eventually he has a bad enough crash that causes him to re-examine his life.

Reilly is quite good as Ricky Bobby's best friend. He has a sense of comic timing that that only makes his costar Sacha Baron Cohen look worse. Cohen has to be the most untalented assclown working in films today. His work here is atrocious... but he is hardly the only one to blame for this film. Adam McKay (Anchorman) lets Ferrell roll on the improve and while that worked for Anchorman, it seems to fall flat here. Even Amy Adams (pre-Enchanted) as Ricky Bobby's assistant can't make this completely unwritten script funny. Only Gary Cole (Office Space) as the patriarch of the Bobby family can elicit a laugh here and there.

I don't watch Will Ferrell for plot and escapism, but I do expect to laugh. Talladega Nights barely kept me from falling asleep... the funny stuff is in the trailer... in fact some of that didn't even make the movie.


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