Friday, March 21, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

Yes... I'm giving you an advance review. I was forced to watch the on the shelf for the last two years Drillbit Taylor. Let's just say it should have stayed there. Two of the big names of comedy are attached in different ways. Seth Rogen (Superbad) draws a writing credit while Judd Apatow somehow excutive produced this sad retread of every other teen film you've seen. Owen Wilson stars as the title character who is an ex-Army Ranger who has found himself on hard times. Three dorks very much in the vein of the kids from Superbad are looking for a bodyguard to save them from the school bully.

The principal (Stephen Root) doesn't believe that such activity could be going on thus forcing the dorks' hand. Drillbit is a conman looking to exploit the kids while giving them the stupidest advice ever. Eventually he infiltrates the school under the guise of a substitute teacher. Alas, it isn't Tom Berenger so no ass kicking is done. There is also a worthless subplot with Apatow's wife Leslie Mann as a beautiful teacher who exists only to have sex with Wilson's character apparently.

All of the story is cliche and plays like My Bodyguard with a dose of Superbad. The comedy is the lazy kind you get in a lot of Will Ferrell with most of the laughs intended to come on improv. Well the bad news is Owen Wilson is no Will Ferrell... or even a John C. Reilly. The film drags for the last hour as the stupid never stops. One can only wonder how dumb the writers think teens really are... do they honestly believe that they would be sucked in on the con... or even sucked into watching this film. If you catch yourself thinking that maybe this film isn't that bad... well it isn't bad like say an Eddie Murphy film, but it's mediocrity only serves to make you wonder what you could have been doing the last 1 h 45 min.


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