Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wild Orchid 2: Two Shades of Blue

Oh yeah... I'm going there. An erotic-period piece from high class sleaze maker Zalman King, Wild Orchid 2 has absolutely nothing to do with the orginal. King starts the intriguing story off with Blue (Nina Siemaszko) following her heroin addicted father (Tom Skerritt) around from town to town as makes a living blowing the horn in jazz clubs. Eventually Blue finds herself selling her body to a family friend for more drugs for her father. The junk catches up to him and Blue finds herself an orphan with no skills to support herself. Elle (Wendy Hughes) comes and gives her an offer to work in her class brothel.

Blue takes her up on the offer and starts her new life. Robert Davi plays the groundskeeper that looks after her during her stay there. They form a father/daughter bond that leads to an escape later on. Wild Orchid 2 veers all over the place after that with Blue having to service a young lad she likes complicating matters and being befriended by a Senator (Christopher McDonald turning up the asshole up to 11) that may have darker motives.

What I like about Zalman King movies is that he usually makes his trash at least erotic. Lake Consequence and all The Red Shoe Diaries are all good examples of this... the start to Wild Orchid 2 is at least interesting with the wonderful Tom Skerritt... but the introduction to the brothel, etc is thoroughly uneventful.

Let's be fair though... I remembered this film for one thing Nina Siemaszko. Unfortunately she doesn't do drama as well as she does comedy (see The West Wing or American President). She is absolutely gorgeous yes, but Zalman never really capitalizes on that. For a film labeled "erotic" shouldn't this be your first task rather than overcomplicating the plot?


* look for a little pre-ER nudity from Miss Gloria Rueben.

** I as going to add a pic, but all the ones I found had Nina naked...which isn't a bad thing, but not something I want to post here.

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