Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Know Who Killed Me

This was Richard Roeper's pick as the worst film of 2007 and the the 3rd worst reviewed film of 2007 according to Metacritic. I approached this with the hope that it was so bad it would be fun. Alas no fun is here...

Lindsay Lohan plays Aubrey who is a shy gal who aspires to be a writer. Something tramatic (a kidnapping) happens to her and she starts losing a grip on reality with her fictional persona Dakota. You see Dakota is a tough talking stripper who uses her sexuality to get what she wants. So while the mystery of that tramatic event hangs over everything, Audrey lives out her dark side. (Minus a hand and leg)

I Know Who Killed Me wastes Brian McNamara (Arachnophobia, Caddyshack 2) and Neal McDonough (Boomtown, Ravenous) in inconsequential parts. The second half of the films consists of a horrid guessing game as to who may have been the kidnapper blah blah blah. Lindsay Lohan is absolutely miscast here. Her smoker's voice seems barely able to read aloud the narration at times. Plus, how many strippers don't actually get naked when they strip? Not that nudity would have been the answer, but the director seems to try and add that lurid sexuality to the film, but fails.

Basically all this amounts to is pretentious trash. Look for a cameo from 24's Gregory Itzin midway through the film coz God knows you'll need some reason to stay awake. Pretty bad, not sure if this was the worst of the year. Here's hoping screenwriter Jeffrey Hammond stops for good.


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