Thursday, January 3, 2008


Closure is the tale of a business woman named Alice (Gillian Anderson) who hooks up with her young fellow (Danny Dyer) who is installing her security system. She dresses him up and takes him to a company party where they indulge in some alcohol and steamy sex in the woods. A perfect evening is ruined when the happy couple hit a moose. In the process of moving it off the road, they are assaulted and Alice is raped.

The rest of the film devolves into The Brave One times Straw Dogs times Showtime cable crap. There just isn't any character development at all so when the heinous act happens the audience doesn't care. Very limited dialogue so as not to show the fact that Anderson is using an awful British accent.

Closure is a waste of film. The only thing I got out of it was that Gillian Anderson is now in damn good shape. Otherwise, this was 80 minutes I could have been watching X-Files reruns.


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